USB-C Hub 10 in 1 - Milele

USB-C Hub 10 in 1 - Milele

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Part number: LEL-10IN1-HUB


  • HDMI 4K30Hz
  • USB-C capable of 100W PD
  • USB-C 5Gbps
  • USB-A (3.0) 5Gbps
  • VGA port with 1280p x 1024p resolution
  • Ethernet port 5Gbps
  • TransFlash (Memory Card) reader
  • Secure Digital (SD card) reader
  • 2x USB – A (2.0) ports

This is a muti-functional USB Type-C adapter that is designed to meet the needs of both work and play. The adapter is compatible with USB-C 3.1 interface for Apple MacBooks, Apple iPads as well as other mobile phones, laptops and tablets. This adapter supports PD mode and can provide pass through charging up to 100W of power to the connected device. It also supports audio and video display up to HDTV 4K via HDMI when connected to a television or projector. The device is designed to be fully plug and play. It is made for Apple MacBook and Apple iPad but will also support HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and any other devices compatible with the USB-C 3.1.